Plumbing the Depths of Lacus

Plumbing the Depths of Lacus
Photo by Jonny Gios / Unsplash

Now that we've gotten a fresh new instance of the AIL Project installed, it is time to setup the web crawler back-end that will help map out the deep and dark web using another project called Lacus – which is a partial snippet of a much larger project called Lookyloo. We're building things on top of things are known to work, or repurposing things in some cases.

The first thing before we begin is to install the poetry dependency. The instructions were simple enough until the official installer failed. It seems it thinks I'm doing this in MacOS instead of in Ubuntu? Hmm.

Using the provided pipx instructions got me nowhere, either:

After some searching and re-reading the error and the original installer script it dawned on me that python3-venv was an unlisted assumption. Installing that got us through

And now its time to do the actual Lacus install until it started hanging-up calling and waiting for a worker that keeps arriving but missing a boot:

It is at this point I went back and realized that aside from a poetry dependency it also assumed a redis installation. But, there's a gotcha! Don't install it as a sub-project within Lacus, but in its own stand-alone directory outside of the Lacus project folder:

Fine, let's proceed to install redis, thus:

Re-running the installation steps got me farther to completion:

But, we're not done, yet. There's the matter of the installing Tor.

To be Continued ....