The 2nd Coming of this site (like a Ghost)

The 2nd Coming of this site (like a Ghost)
Photo by Daniel Jensen / Unsplash

That's what it has been like getting this blog back online and having spent my whole Memorial Day weekend in front of the screens furiously trying to recover from a Proxmox VE 7.x hypervisor storage failure.

It isn't my first rodeo using ZFS but it probably was my first using it as the storage type of an SDD (non-spinning drive)-backed installation. However, I believe it was only a quick install using a simple mirror layout. The mistake I made was to ignore the fact that it was in a degraded state and not bothering to fix it. But, hey, not a defense really, this is running on a server and I was going to use it until the hardware gives up. I didn't count on data corruption.

Again, as per usual, I hadn't created a back-up strategy for the blog entries. Here we are, yet, again, painstakingly restoring everything from web caches.

Yes, some of these posts will be missing images. I'll have to backtrack and find those as time permits. However, for the most part the plan is to keep moving forward. Newer posts will replace older ones unless they are grounded points of reference.

And there you have it!