List of Virtualization Tips and Tricks

List of Virtualization Tips and Tricks
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This blog isn't at the point of having sections, yet. As such I've considered either posting a frequently updated list of pointers to useful stuff that has helped me along the way in my software and hardware virtualization journey on a budget. Also, the number of tabs on my browser are growing and it made sense to share the knowledge with you.

Proxmox VE

Enable Proxmox PCIe Passthrough - Thomas-Krenn-Wiki
The virtualization solution Proxmox VE (Proxmox Virtual Environment; shortened PVE) allows the passthrough of PCIe devices to individual virtual machines (PCIe passthrough).[1] A virtual machine can thus exclusively control a corresponding PCIe device, e.g. a network card. This has many adva…


OPNsense HA Cluster configuration - Thomas-Krenn-Wiki
The free open source firewall OPNsense] can be configured as a redundant firewall with automatic fail-over. This article shows how to set up such a firewall HA cluster with two firewall machines (in this case two invalid id).