Lights at the end of the (Cloudflared) Tunnel

Lights at the end of the (Cloudflared) Tunnel
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

We'd had some marble sized hail in the afternoon, followed by a big storm last night which upturned the gazebo chair, and then the power went out which left me a bit stuck at home due to the weight of the garage doors.

That being said, this site should be pretty much back online right now. I've had the whole morning trying to remember how I was able to get it going the last time.

See, I no longer have the luxury of a triple ISP vendor connection at home. While that sort of sounds amazing it came with a whole lot of power draw due to servers running at the old home base in Cupertino.

I've also moved away from a static IP connection at home, what with moving on from being on eBay and moving servers back to the office as I transplanted the whole family to the Dallas area. And out with that, too, went my IPv6 hosting dreams.

That means dealing with whatever dynamic IP address my ISP tips my way. But, ever the tinker, I found that some router, switch, or NAS vendors actually have their own shared cloud hosting. I've been able to do some things that way.

That is, until I stumbled across Cloud flared Warp, err, Argo (now). More on this, later.

Excuse thumbs, am blogging on a phone and enjoying the fruits of this blogging platform that I got running from a Turnkey Linux Ghost LXC package.