Does Publishing Time Zone Matter?

Does Publishing Time Zone Matter?
Photo by Christine Roy / Unsplash

While the infrastructure of this blog isn't hosted anywhere near the UTC/GMT time zone, all entries in this blog are going to be published using that setting.

But, why?

For starters, all of my previous blogs and entries used to be based on the location where I was primarily residing at. You can write anywhere but it's nice to call a place as home base. I really wanted to try something new.

Work and passion hobbies, however, as well as technology marching on has led me to the use of common standards and finding ways to make use of unified timings. It's just easier to parse and read logs if they are set to a standard and not variable due to seasons.

I'm, also, doing a bunch of travel these days. This time, at long last, unfettered by the requirements of a visa. The top things that cost for travel are airline tickets, lodging, transportation, and food -- in that specific order. I take a million photos and videos, then highlight the best ones and dump the rest in curated albums. The world is my home now and wherever I wake up.

And, so, UTC/GMT it is -- for the time being.