WordPress: Multisite-Aware SEO Plugins

Starting from my yearly blog reboot I’ve been documenting some of my WordPress Multisite adventures and unfortunate misadventures. One of the fundamental changes using plugins in face of possible installation and database hiccups would be the proper choice of SEO extensions.

I am fortunate to have a few domains and GoDaddy’s easy to configure DNS interface (it could stand to be a tad more intuitive, guys!) and so was able to do a few tests. Of my installation tests included a bunch of multisite extensions as well as the usual SEO enhancing suspects. That didn’t go well, its worth a separate blog entry for later.

However, on the SEO side of the house the most popular plugins according the stats on at the WordPress Plugin repository were (in alphabetical order):

  1. All in One SEO Pack
  2. SEO Ultimate
  3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Personally in my non-multisite past Joost and Torbert’s were¬† two-(2) among my favorites combined with HeadSpace2 SEO from Johnny. Another worth mentioning is Greg’s High Performance SEO plugin which was also in my original QNAP installation. I didn’t put the others in my list above as they weren’t in my original test bed, perhaps sometime later if there is some interest. Moving along …

Terra Nova is coming-up in a few minutes so I’ll try to finish-up without being too brief!

In my sub-domain tests it appears that the current version of All in One SEO Pack isn’t multisite-aware. That being said, I believe if you simply install the plugin from Network Admin and forego network activation then it should be possible to activate the plugin individually from relevant instances in your blogging farm.

SEO Ultimate was a nice discovery. It allowed for simple toggles instead of check-marks and was multisite-aware on first install. I might give it another whirl once my blog installs settle down and become stable so there’s a good traffic platform for comparison.

Yoast is truly one of my favorite SEO gurus. His WordPress SEO plugin combined with a very informative blog website is one of the reasons he deserves the #1 top-spot when searching for “wordpress seo plugin” and the 3rd-down just below WordPress and the Codex itself when searching for “wordpress seo”.

I’ve only just begun cleaning-up this blog and haven’t even touched on what advantages this default theme provides above what my previous Atahualpa did, but I sure have BytesforAll in mind while I continue churning out my thoughts.

Until next time.

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